Uphill Rush 6


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Description: Uphill Rush 6 is one of the newest members of the Uphill Rush games family. It features action packed adventures! Ride a motorcycle, bicycle, horse, or jet skis through the maps obstacle courses to the finish line.


Download Paradise Bay Game

Live the island life as you create a thriving seaport, discover new worlds, and trade with friends. Develop meaningful relationships with islanders, merchants, and adorable island animals!
Paradise just got even better. Download the latest Paradise Bay King update (v1.3.0) and enjoy all-new social features as well as gameplay improvements to make your island adventure even more fun!

Paradise Bay

• Continue on your journey to becoming the ultimate Trademaster with an increased level cap of 50!
• Experience the ongoing stories of your island friends through 24 exciting new quests!
• New Social Currency! Earn Karma by visiting friends’ islands and petting the local wildlife to keep them happy. Trust us—no one wants discontented wildlife on their island! You can also earn Karma by assisting with dives.
• Spend Karma on clearing tools—like axes and shears—in the Bazaar!
• New wildlife visitors on your island give rewards when tapped!
• New Island Creamery featuring ice cream treats like Taste of Paradise and Maple Chunk!
• New Art Supply lets you make Paint Palettes, Charcoal Pencils, Sketch Books, and Canvases!
• New Blacksmith and Glassworks recipes!
• More ways to find and add friends—anonymously if you’d like!
• Trees have been fine-tuned to take up 50% less space, and expired trees are visibly more enjoyable.
• Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Paradise Bay king

In addition to this, you might have noticed that we’ve recently released some improvements to the game based on your feedback!
• Reduced Gem cost for clearing tools like axes and shears!
• Reduced Gem cost on canceling sales at Wesley’s Exports!
• Made harvestable trees last longer!
Sun, sand, surf, and all the fish you can eat! Sail away to Paradise Bay, where you’ll help Keani and friends restore the island to its former glory. The island life is calling on you to build, plant crops, and repair docks for an ocean full of merchant ships waiting to visit and trade.

Life’s better at the beach. Download and discover Paradise Bay today!
Download the free Paradise Bay Game app and build a thriving tropical island and market, trade with others, and form lasting relationships with islanders, merchants, and friends. Life is better at the beach!
Download Paradise Bay on Google Play: DOWNLOAD PARADISE BAY

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Tags: Paradise Bay, paradise bay game, paradise bay king, paradise bay cheats


Paradise Bay Game

Paradise Bay Game


Live the island life as you create a thriving seaport, discover new worlds, and trade with friends. Develop meaningful relationships with islanders, merchants, and adorable island animals!
Players begin with a limited number of each crop, and will receive two units for each seed they plant. In this way, even though players must replant some of their product to earn additional crops, they still have leftover crops for crafting. Animals are your servants and your friends in Paradise Bay. They keep certain services running, including wood-cutting, net-making, fishing, and rope-weaving.
Since Paradise Bay is a game about castaways, tropical islands, and pirates (or people who think they’re pirates), you can expect to see a lot of treasure chests dotting the land. Some of those chests can only be opened when you clear away the land surrounding them (which costs money, and requires you to be at a certain level), but sometimes random white chests will show up here and there that you can access any time.
Players unlock additional crafting recipes, resources and crafting buildings as they level up, and will earn experience points and coins by selling their goods on the trading board. Over time, players can expand their village into the forested areas of the island, unlocking some new features in the process. Additional social features allow players to visit their friends’ islands, and complete multiplayer dives to gather rare items.

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